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Retaining Walls and Sitting Walls

What are segmental retaining walls? Segmental retaining walls are constructed out of individual retaining blocks that are made out of concrete. The blocks are manufactured in many sizes and colors.

How are the walls installed? The segmental retaining walls are constructed on a compacted gravel base with buried footer. Depending on the height of the wall and the type of soil and slope behind the wall will factor in the design and construction of the wall. Typically, walls are back filled with with gravel that will allow for drainage and drain pipes are also installed to move water away from the wall. Many walls fail due to the build up of water. Soil is installed behind the gravel and compacted so it will not settle. Virginia code requires retaining walls over 3' in total height must be designed by a professional engineer.

Sitting Walls - Walls constructed 18"-21" tall can be used for sitting walls. Sitting walls are a nice features that can be installed around a patio. Sitting walls help to define a space and also give extra seating.

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