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Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Chimneys, and Fire Pits

Outdoor Kitchens - Outdoor Kitchens are a nice add on feature for a patio. Each outdoor kitchen that we install is a customized for the client. The design and layout of the kitchen is important to meet the clients needs. A kitchen can be as simple as a grill and a counter top or it can include other features such as a fridge or sink. All outdoor kitchens should include night lighting, so the client doesn't have to hold a flash light while trying to flip burgers. Kitchens can be constructed out of retaining wall blocks with granite counter tops or they can be faced with stone for a more natural look. 

Outdoor Chimneys - An outdoor chimney is a nice feature for someone who is serious and dedicated for a fire. These are massive structures that require a concrete footer and skilled installers. Outdoor chimneys can be a focal point in a back yard, but their size must be accounted for and must not over power a space. Chimneys can be fueled with firewood or gas. Our chimneys can be constructed out of retaining wall block that will match your paver patio or they can be faced with stone for a more natural look.

Fire Pits are great for patios and backyards. They are rather small and don't require the space that a chimney requires. Our fire pits are constructed out of retaining wall block to match your paver patio. They can be lined with fire brick on the inside for a clean look. Just like our outdoor kitchens and chimneys, are fire pits are customized for each client.

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