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Lawn Irrigation and Drip Irrigation

We design, install and service lawn and drip irrigation systems. In the Northern Shenandoah Valley, a lawn irrigation system is a must have, in order to maintain a beautiful lawn. The soil in our area is mostly clay and shale, without much topsoil. Turf grass requires good top soil and adequate moisture throughout the growing season. These are two things that we are lacking in this area. In a normal year lawns will stay green in April, May, and June. In July and August the rain usually is less frequent and the temperatures rise, which cause the turf grass to dry out quickly. Without additional water, most lawns are damaged during this time. Lawns also require a proper fertilization and weed control program to stay healthy. Without irrigation and a lawn maintenance program, lawns in our area suffer.

We service and maintain over 200 customers in our area. Our irrigation technicians are professional and prompt when service calls are needed. Glen Baker, our head technician, has over 20 years of experience in irrigation installation and service work. Glen is certified in maintenance and inspections of cross connection devices.

Drip irrigation is a great way to water trees and shrubs without watering the entire bed, which can cause more weed growth. Drip irrigation is a great way for homeowners to water newly planted landscapes. Drip irrigation is great for those homeowners that don't have a green thumb. It is important for new plants to receive adequate and regular water during the first years.

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